School Fundraising Ideas: 6 Creative Cashless Strategies for Success
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School Fundraising Ideas: 6 Creative Cashless Strategies for Success

Let’s face it, coming up with new and creative school fundraising ideas to maximize your fundraising efforts can be challenging. Not only do you need to appeal to parents and the broader community to hand over their hard-earned cash, but you also need to think of ideas that will certainly bring in the desired revenue to fund and support your co-curricular activities and other school functions.

Well, the good news is that not all is lost. In this article, we have compiled 6 school fundraising ideas that can help take your fundraising efforts from zero to hero. Whether you are building a new library or in need of a technology upgrade, these fundraising ideas are perfect for schools looking for innovative ways to raise money for their programs or projects. For that reason, say goodbye to door-door fundraising tactics and embrace a fun, innovative and efficient way of raising money.

Before diving into the school fundraising ideas, let’s unpack the definition and purpose of fundraising. 

What is fundraising?

Fundraising is a key part of a school’s operation as it helps schools supplement their budget thus providing students with quality education. It refers to the practice of seeking and collecting voluntary financial contributions from individuals, businesses, charity institutions, or government agencies for a particular purpose. Without school fundraising ideas, schools would have a difficult time supplementing an already tight budget. School fundraising ideas benefit not only the child but also the community as a whole. 

School fundraising ideas can also be great way for students to build leadership skills and confidence as they will be charge of certain tasks.

6 Cashless Schoool Fundraising Ideas

1. Plan an online auction

Online auctions have become a viable way to not only raise money, but also to reach a wider audience of donors and supporters on a national scale. It is no wonder that online auctions are becoming popular amongst schools due to the built-in base of support.

How it works? Like traditional auctions, an item is placed for sale and the appointed auctioneer will start at a relatively low price to attract many buyers. The only difference is that online auctions are performed over the Internet and delivered through a livestream or purchasers participate in the bidding digitally rather than in person.

An online auction is also excellent for supporting any cause at your school, including sports clubs, educational field trips, and class outings. Online school fundraising ideas can be a great way to build relationships with the neighbourhood’s businesses and residents. A fascinating online auction can be made by combining a variety of alluring goods and activities.

Collaborating with a local business can be a winning formula. On the one hand, the school will benefit significantly from the highest bidder and on the other, the local business may receive some publicity that will benefit their business. 

2. Virtual game night

Traditional events like game nights can work well online if you are looking for a simple and entertaining school fundraising ideas. Participants can sign up individually or teams, as long as you have access to a video conferencing platform, you won’t have to worry about overhead expenditures.

Consider a quiz night or an online version of 30 seconds for a simple solution. While you can offer free admission, you can enhance the evening by charging a fee for reservations, which will also help you raise more money. This can also help you estimate the number of attendees and, if necessary, form teams.

3. Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Having each student or class build their own fundraising page is another suggestion for online school fundraising ideas. You will be able to access each student’s social networks by using this kind of virtual fundraising. 

The goal of the peer-to-peer fundraising should be explained by the students on either a personal or class webpage. It’s advisable to have a parent or teacher proofread the content for clarity for younger kids. Include photos of the student from school (with the consent of the parent or guardian) and add some eye-catching designs to make the page stand out.

4. Create a social media campaign

A campaign is a set of activities designed to raise money for a particular cause. You can use a social media campaign to help your school raise money for a variety of things, such as purchasing new computers, paying for a music program, or funding a science fair project.

5. Host a school dance party

School dances don’t always have to be an in-person event contrary to popular belief. A virtual school dance party provides the opportunity to showcase creative dance moves from a wide range of people. When you combine fundraising with a virtual school dance, you create school fundraising ideas that have the potential to accomplish a lot of good.

You can consider holding a dance-off between participants and the participants can pay a small fee to enter the virtual event. Recruit judges to evaluate the dancing’s excellence and an emcee to serve as the event’s host.

6. Create an online store

The creation of an online school store is one of the best suggestions for school fundraising ideas. Depending on the platform you select for school fundraising, you could have an entire online store set up for you without doing any DIY. The 24-hour operation of this business will generate funds for important initiatives that might not receive adequate traditional support.

Ready to go cashless?

The best way to raise money for your school is to provide something unique that adds genuine value to those donating or buying into your school fundraising ideas. With Eezipay, we can sure help you streamline your fundraising efforts with our cashless platform.

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Get the ultimate guide to streamlining payments at your school.

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