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Our Journey to Cashless Excellence

Since our inception in 2000, Eezipay has been at the forefront of digital innovation, transforming workplace operations across South Africa.

Our mission: to streamline every transaction, ensuring a safer, more efficient workplace environment.

With countless transactions processed and a wide array of services facilitated smoothly, we’re just getting started.



Meals Booked

Washing Cycles

Why Choose Cashless Campus for Your Workplace?

Comprehensive Payment Solutions

Effortlessly manage all aspects of workplace payments, including payroll, vendor payments, customer transactions, and more, with our all-in-one platform.

Simplified Transaction Management

Streamline the process of managing payments and invoices, making financial tasks more efficient.

Enhanced Workplace Experience

Facilitate access to services and products with easy transaction solutions, improving the overall workplace operations.

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Convenient and Secure

With our user-friendly mobile app, available on both iOS and Android, as well as via our web app, enjoy secure, instant payments and comprehensive financial management at your fingertips.

Empower Your Workplace Community

Join the Cashless Revolution

Adopting Cashless Solutions means more than just eliminating cash transactions; it signifies a step towards a smarter, more efficient, and innovative workplace environment. With Eezipay, workplaces can enhance operational efficiency, security, and customer satisfaction.

For Employees

A hassle-free way to manage day-to-day workplace transactions, from meals to merchandise.

For Managers and Administrators

A streamlined approach to managing workplace finances and reducing administrative burdens.

For Vendors and Merchants

Connect with the workplace community and offer services conveniently and securely.

Cashless Case Study

Capitec Bank

Streamlining Corporate Transactions: Capitec’s Integration with Eezipay Solutions

Capitec Bank, renowned for its innovative banking solutions, recently enhanced its Head Office operations by partnering with Eezipay and Two Chefs Catering to introduce a comprehensive meal and snack booking system.

The implementation of Eezipay’s Campus style portal, POS, and Meal Booking solutions at Capitec Head Office allows staff to pre-order and pay cashlessly for their daily meals, coffees, and meeting snacks.

This system is not just a tool for convenience but also includes features such as a Loyalty Programme, Daily Specials, and options for on-the-go pickups and deliveries, enhancing staff satisfaction and streamlining food service operations.

Streamlining Workplace Life

Revolutionize How Your Workplace and Clubs Manage Services and Events


Manage cafeteria stock and sales, offering quick service and reduced queues. Use tap to pay and wallets with limits to ensure simple and managed spending.


Manage ticket sales and event notifications, allow for seat booking and reporting. Cashless, Paperless and Contactless events.

Meal Booking

Facilitate advanced meal orders. Promote effective planning and minimize food wastage with a user-friendly online ordering system.


Communicate effectively with employees or club members, manage notifications for meetings, events, or important updates. 


Sell merchandise such as uniforms, equipment, and memorabilia, allowing people to order and pay online with options for delivery or pickup.


Manage club memberships and finances through a centralized portal, simplifying administration and enhancing engagement.


Efficiently organize sports and recreational activities with easy online registration and secure cashless payments for events and gear.


Implement a seamless Tap ‘n Ride or Book and Go transport system for all employees or club members to get where they need to go safely.

Empowering Your Workplace with Advanced Features

Cashless Campus is not just about facilitating payments; it’s about enriching workplace life.

Versatile Payments

From cafeteria services to bookstore purchases, handle it all cashlessly.

User-Centric Design

Easy registration, wallet top-ups, and a straightforward, intuitive interface.

Merchant Integration

A hassle-free setup for campus merchants to accept payments and offer their services.

Management Tools

Comprehensive controls, reporting, revenue generation options, and more.

Getting Started

How To Join the Cashless Revolution

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