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The Next Evolution in Smart POS Payments

Experience seamless integration and versatility with the MPT3 – revolutionizing payment solutions.

One Device, Multiple Payment Options

Effortlessly handle Mastercard and Visa bank cards, Snapscan, Zapper, MasterPass and Coupons. The MPT3 Android POS adapts to every payment need with ease.

Optimised for All Sectors

Tailored for every market niche, the MPT3 excels in challenging environments. Its superior processor and expanded memory seamlessly manage multiple tasks – from table orders to loyalty programs, ensuring swift and efficient operations.

Choose Your Device

Find the Perfect Smart POS for Your Business Needs

Premium POS & Payment Solution

Combines mobile POS power and payment versatility in one sleek device.

Ideal For

  • Retail stores with high transaction volumes.
  • Restaurants needing table order management.
  • Public transport for ticket validation and payments.
  • Home delivery services for on-the-go payments.
  • Businesses integrating loyalty programs.


Compact Mobile Payment Device

Efficient and portable payment processing for businesses on the move.

Ideal for:

  • Field services needing mobile payment solutions.
  • Delivery services for payments upon delivery.
  • Small retail outlets with space constraints.
  • Freelancers and consultants requiring portable payments.
  • Events and fairs needing quick payment processing.


Affordable POS & PAYMENT System

Cost-effective POS solution delivering comprehensive payment options.

Ideal For

  • SMEs seeking cost-effective POS solutions.
  • Cafés and quick service restaurants.
  • Pop-up shops and markets.
  • Retailers with diverse payment methods.
  • Businesses needing long battery life.


Budget-Friendly MULTI-Payment Device

Compact and affordable, ideal for versatile payment needs.

Ideal for:

  • Small businesses needing affordable multi-payment solutions.
  • Freelancers and consultants for occasional transactions.
  • Events and fairs requiring mobile payment options.
  • Retailers with a need for diverse payment methods.
  • On-the-go businesses needing portable devices.

Elevate Customer Interaction and Business Efficiency

The MPT3 not only streamlines payments but also opens doors to a realm of marketing and analytics possibilities. Through the Eezipay platform, it enables businesses to harness the power of advanced apps for loyalty programs, meal vouchers, and more. This seamless integration significantly enhances customer engagement and operational efficiency.

Unparalleled Performance and Versatility

Introducing the MPT3, the advanced incarnation of the globally acclaimed mobile payment terminal. Experience the pinnacle of payment processing technology, meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of modern businesses. Whether it’s for public transport, home delivery, or high-traffic retail environments, the MPT3 is the quintessential solution.

Revolutionary Speed and Display

Powered by the industry’s most formidable processor, the MPT3 effortlessly handles complex applications while maintaining top-tier payment security. Its stunning 5.5-inch touchscreen offers an unrivaled viewing experience, perfect for displaying vibrant logos, captivating adverts, and engaging video clips.

MPT3’s Standout Features

Versatile Android OS

Choose between Android 8.1 or 10 for a customized experience.

Cutting-Edge Cortex A53 Processor

Reliability and speed in every transaction.

Expansive 5.5″ Touchscreen

Crystal-clear display for interactive customer engagement.

Robust Connectivity

4G, WiFi, and Bluetooth enabled for uninterrupted operations.

All-in-One Payment Options

Contactless, chip & PIN, magstripe, and PIN on glass technology.

Dual Cameras

5MP front and 8MP rear cameras with professional scanning capabilities.

Powerful Battery

5150mAh for extended use

High-Speed Printer

Quick and clear printing for receipts and bills.

Enhanced Security

PCI PTS 5.x (Android 8.1) or 6.x (Android 10) SRED certified.

5MP rear camera

With auto-focus flash for perfect image capture

Professional scanner

To speed up the handling of alternative digital payments, and capture barcodes of pre-marked bills, vouchers, travel tickets faster.

Quick scan button

For faster and smoother transactions

Charging Base

Matching base for charging and additional connectivities.

Why Choose the MPT3 Android SmartPOS?

The MPT3 represents the epitome of Android SmartPOS technology, providing an unmatched blend of performance, versatility, and security. By choosing the MPT3, businesses can leverage the latest in payment technology to enhance customer experiences, streamline operations, and unlock new revenue streams.

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