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Cashless Campus simplifies payments for education and business environments, ensuring smooth, secure management of all campus transactions. Join the revolution today!

Cashless Campus app can easily be accessed on a mobile phone in the palm of someone's hand

Trusted by numerous organisations:

Cashless Campus

 Your All-in-One Cashless Ecosystem

Experience the future of financial convenience:
Transforming Transactions on Every Campus 

Explore Our Smart Solutions

Effortless Payments Across All Campus Services – Simplified and Secure

Fees Management

Simplify member subscriptions and fee processing

Cafeteria Services

Enable easy meal payments and pre-orders

Merchandise Sales

Streamlines buying supplies and campus merchandise

Event Access

Facilitates ticketing for seminars, workshops, and events

Transport Fees

Offers a cashless way to pay for parking and campus transportation

Access Control

Simplifies access to gyms, clubs, and other campus facilities

Club Memberships

Manages fees for campus clubs and organizations


Supports easy donation processing for campus causes

Printing Services

Allows for cashless payments for printing and copying

Merchant Payments

Enables merchants to accept payments seamlessly on campus

Empower Your Campus

From schools to business parks, Eezipay facilitates a smarter, cashless ecosystem that simplifies payments, enhances security, and elevates the user experience.

Seamless Integration for Every Organisation

Discover the extensive and unparalleled advantages of the Eezipay experience.

Get the App on Google Play
Access the Web App
Access the Web App

Universally Accessible

Whether you’re on your smartphone or desktop, Eezipay is at your fingertips. Download our app from Google Play or the Apple App Store, or access our web app for unparalleled convenience.

Get the app on the Apple App Store
Get the app on the Apple App Store
Get the App on Google Play

For Everyone

Tailored for organisations, individuals, and merchants, our platform adapts to your unique needs, transforming how you engage with financial transactions.

Versatile Payments

Catering to a variety of campus needs, from food services and bookstores to event ticketing and bookings.


Easy registration process, wallet top-ups, and seamless cashless convenience right at your fingertips.


A streamlined process for merchants to join, set up services, and embrace cashless transactions.

Take Full Control

Simplify Payment Management

Manage and track expenses effortlessly, providing a transparent, efficient financial experience for everyone involved – from students and parents to employees and administrators.


Management Controls


Advanced Reporting

Revenue Generation

Stock Management

Notification System

User Management


Advanced Hardware for Campus Payments

Our hardware suite, including the versatile MPT3, robust full POS systems, and user-friendly POS tablets, ensures efficient and secure transactions campus-wide.

Effortlessly handle Masterpass, Visa, Credit Cards, SnapScan, Zapper, and Coupons.

Success Stories

Transforming Campuses and Workplaces

Discover how Eezipay’s innovative cashless solutions are making significant impacts across educational and business landscapes.

Eezipay’s long-standing partnership with SU has revolutionized campus payments, enhancing both operational efficiency and user experience.

Implementing Eezipay transformed Curro’s tuck shop transactions, introducing secure, efficient, and cashless options for students and parents.

At Capitec’s head office, Eezipay’s seamless meal booking and payment system streamlined business dining, proving the versatility of cashless solutions.

 Standout Features of Cashless Campus

Instant Payments

Users can make immediate payments, enhancing convenience and reducing wait times.

Comprehensive Spending Controls

Users can set spending limits to manage budgets effectively.

Mobile App Accessibility

A user-friendly mobile app facilitates easy account management, notifications, and transaction history access on-the-go.

Real-Time Notifications

Users receive instant notifications for account activities, meal bookings, and reminders, ensuring they stay informed.

Robust Merchant Management

Merchants have tools at their disposal for stock management, handling specials, sending notifications, and more.

Secure Money Management

Organisations can control user settings, monitor transactions, and generate income, all within a secure environment.

Pre-Order Healthy Meals

Users can pre-order nutritious meals, ensuring healthy options are always accessible on campus.

Dietary Management

The platform caters to diverse dietary needs, including setting allergens and filtering by dietary restrictions. 

Transaction History

Users and merchants have access to detailed transaction histories, enabling better financial tracking.

Get Started

Choose Your Campus

Find the Perfect Cashless Solution for Your Business Needs
Cashless School

University Campuses

Elevate university campus life with our innovative payment solution, making it incredibly easy for students and faculty to manage tuition, dining, and bookstore purchases seamlessly.

Cashless School

School Campuses

Transform school payments with a secure, streamlined system that simplifies transactions for tuition, lunches, and more, enhancing the school experience for everyone involved.

Cashless School

Business Campuses

Revolutionise business campus transactions with a single platform that offers effortless management of cafeteria sales, event ticketing, and workplace amenities.

Why Choose Cashless Campus?

Cashless Campus stands as the pinnacle of campus payment solutions, offering an unparalleled combination of efficiency, adaptability, and security.

By adopting Cashless Campus, organisations can harness the most advanced payment technology to enrich the experiences of their stakeholders, optimise administrative processes, and open up new avenues for income generation. 


You’re In Good Company

Discover seamless support and trusted service with Eezipay, where excellence is the standard.

Eezipay provides and manages 37 full POS systems, 36 mobile payment terminals, laundry services, access control, and transport booking services to to students and staff on campus.  Eezipay has an excellent track record. Their integrity, efficiency and response (always on time and within budget) has made them a trusted business partner to SU for more than 15 years.

Hein Swanepoel
Senior Director

Eezipay currently provides point of sale services, mobile POS devices, and an online portal to many of our schools. Eezipay provides a reliable support service, and they work well with our IT team to ensure improved functionality, user-friendliness, and systems security at all times.

Nico van der Linde
IT Operations Manager

Eezipay introduced a cashless payment system to our facility in 2019 as an upgrade from our coin system. The staff and system are user-friendly and the support is amazing. They are situated locally and can have a technician or support person at our facility in a very short period of time.

Diane Whitmore
Facilities Manager

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Back to School Bliss: Revolutionizing Payments with Cashless Campus

Back to School Bliss: Revolutionizing Payments with Cashless Campus

The Cashless Campus initiative is transforming the ‘back to school’ experience, allowing for cashless, efficient management of school-related financial transactions. This digital platform streamlines payments, enhances security, and reduces administrative burdens, improving satisfaction among students, parents, and staff. As schools integrate this system for various services, it promises a smoother, more secure, and efficient financial process, revolutionizing educational finance management and preparing institutions for a digital future.

Join the Cashless Movement

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Lead the Way with Cashless Campus: The Intelligent Solution for Modern Organisations

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